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We don’t just take photos, we create bonafide moments and memories that will last a lifetime. Applying creative direction and unique ideas, pictures and videos are taken with skill and more importantly heart. Our candid’s have soul because of the ‘mixed bag’ of emotional elements and playful expressions. We specialize in Wedding Photography just because we love being part of an unforgettable day in your lives and creating those memories that will potentially be cherished a whole lifetime


“if you cannot explain it, find a song that can!”. Here at Mixedbag Entertainment, KJ Deryl does not just get people to sing, but does a few numbers himself to get the crowd all charged up and raring to go. We have fun dance breaks and do the hustle (a fun group dance routine everyone should try!). Karaoke is something that just makes you happy, because all that matters is that you sing your own song and Croak or Croon, just keep at it


An event’s success is defined by its ability to be remembered by all attending. The positive impact of every activity carried out, every performance, every food item, every element is what we strive to achieve. Our clients entrust the entire event to us for the purpose of amplification and quality elevation, and that exactly what we work towards


Being the very Voice of an event is exciting and comes with great responsibility. We aim to take the event to a whole new high and ensure everything goes as planned. Have had the pleasure of hosting a range of events from Sporting events to Corporate ones

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We understand that every assignment is unique and so we offer flexible solutions to all our clients

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